Dance Classes

Bollywood is a melting pot in which all global styles of music and movement come together into a style that is uniquely Indian. Its heartwarming melodies , foot tapping rhythms , and diverse global dance forms contribute to making Bollywood , an universally appealing and ever evolving dynamic dance form.

Our Classes use primarily the latest & best in Bollywood music which is age appropriate, introducing the students to all elements of dance expression pertinent to Bollywood, the genre of musical theatre. Our company's central goal is to help every student excel as performers and achieve new heights in Dance.

We maintain a safe, positive and friendly environment,  encouraging every student to grow at their own pace.


The duration of each term is 9 weeks in which  the students learn two dance works of 2 different styles.
The class is structured through movement combinations, to facilitate coordination skills, along with developing strength and flexibility.
The class begins with a warm up on the floor develops into short movement combinations in the centre, across the floor, floorwork combinations To prepare the student technically, using turns, jump, gesture supported with  facial expression & footwork, leading to Dance Choreography  of a specific style . 

Performance Quarter
Fall Term 1                       AUG 22nd - OCT 23rd   - 9 weeks
Fall Term 2                       OCT 24TH -  DEC 18TH - 9 weeks

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