Naach Life Skills Internship Program- NLSIP

This Program has been specially devised to offer Dance Scholarships to exceptionally talented individuals along with a dance internship . The dance scholarship covers the tuition fee in part/full based on the needs of the individual.

Job Opportunities:
Naach Houston offers jobs to our students who have successfully completed the advanced level class and show promise in the area of teaching, choreography, web design, creative writing , public relations, costume, media and administration. We believe in nurturing and developing their talent and providing a platform for their creative expression.
We believe that value and respect is attained by collective participation in the creative process .

Performances -" THERE IS SPACE FOR EVERYONE TO SHINE IN THE SPOTLIGHT"- Naach Houston believes that every person has a Light within , and our motivation is to help everyone shine THEIR INNER LIGHT through dance.

We have an annual Showcase in Fall  
Other than The naach 
Showcase we also perform for Community events 

We are currently in the process of formalizing the above program and its contents - COMING SOON

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