Press and Media Consultant

Shyam Pillai is, in his own words, an Engineer who crossed over to the colorful side of life; an artist, writer, dancer and actor trapped inside the body of a techie! He is a true-blue Bangalorean who considers Houston his second home.

He believes that dance has not only been exhilarating but also therapeutic. Mahesh's classes were his entry into Bollywood dancing two years ago. He has been a part of Bollywood blast 2011 and 2012 and hopes to continue dancing with Naach Houston.

He is passionate about acting - stage, film and sometimes in real life too. After being a part of several successful English language plays at Houston Community college and a few award winning short films, he plans to channel his love for theater into Naach Nautanki (the theater wing of Naach) as a contributor and team member.

He loves writing about movies, fashion, social commentaries and a bit of tattle (didn't hurt anyone!).Oh, and he is also a self-proclaimed relationship “expert” who likes to write about dating, finding, chasing, losing, and being in love! Carrie Bradshaw said, “When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep walking.” - he just threw it in there since he loves her so much!

He is also an avid traveler and dreams to backpack for a living, someday!

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