"Life is a Dance, We Celebrate Life "

Naach Houston is a Community based  Bollywood Dance Company promoting a Multicultural Dance Experience.

Note from Mahesh Mahbubani :Artistic Director of Naach Houston Inc

Bollywood Music and Dance has its roots in the genre of musical Dance theater. Its ever evolving nature combined with global influences in sound and dance from multiple genres makes it a unique form of creative  expression. It expresses and celebrates a multitude landscape of human experience in a playful manner, integrating the spiritual aspects of our being in the human form - THE BODY  through Dance.

This very quality within it that fascinates, intrigues and motivates me to move and create, allowing me to evolve and grow, that I choose Bollywood  as my path to contribute, celebrate and share with the world at large, it is the language of my soul.

In a time of virtual reality , where we have lost our personal connection with one another, Naach Houston provides a creative space for a Multicultural experience. People of all ages from diverse cultural backgrounds meet and interact, thereby creating a rich tapestry of dance work that empowers the collective human spirit. 


Community Based - People are our business , and we believe that every person is unique and has his/her own strengths and unexplored potential to be discovered. Our team of professional instructors help every student rediscover his/her talent and shine as each one is meant to be. 

Personal Attention - Our instructors evaluate every student based on his/her age group and skill level , placing each student in an appropriate level and group, facilitating positive growth. At the end of each term we evaluate the growth achieved by every student.

Positive Learning Environment - Naach Houston strongly believes in providing a joyful experience for all our participants by creating a non-intimidating environment, guided by our professional team of instructors.
Team Spirit - We at Naach Houston strongly believe in the power of team work, as implemented through practice with our students. The senior students act as mentors for the juniors and help them to build confidence, self discipline, and instill a sense of self motivation to achieve their goals in dance, generating a strong team spirit, reflected in all our activities. 

In our company vocabulary Team stands for Together Everything Amounts to Magic.

Providing Opportunities – for people to develop more positive and active relationships with their wider communities.

Support System – We provide sustained support to allow people to grow, develop , gain a sense of self achievement and make a contribution within their wider communities.
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