Professional Dance Classes

The Naach Performance Program is created for the Professional Dance Production for 2020 Entry By Audition Only. The Program includes coaching with Master Trainer Mahesh Mahbubani towards a Professional Dance Production. The Program is designed with a total of 9 weeks each class is 1 hr 15 minutes of duration and there will be additional 4 classes extra coaching provided for all the students. The performers will be given a contract which is an agreement to follow the policies and guidelines for this effective fulfillment of the program. 

Performance Team (9 classes) : $215 for Spring Term I

All holidays will apply based on FBISD calendar.

New Students click here for the Student Handbook.

2020 Schedule

Spring Term I : Jan 7 - Mar 8

Spring Term II : March 17 - May 17

Summer Camp I - June 1st - 2nd July

Summer Camp II - 6th July - 6th Aug

Fall Term I - 11th Aug - !1th Oct

Fall term II - 13th Oct - 13th dec