Aishwarya Ravat


Assistant Instructor | Performing Artiste

An avid dancer herself, Aishwarya has also completed her Bharatnatyam arangetram under the tutelage of Guru Shrimati Indrani Parthasarathy. She has loved dance since she could walk and has been pursuing it for over thirteen years. Her belief is that dancing is not about what is seen by others, but the hidden dialogue a dancer experiences with their piece.   

Aishwarya joined the NAACH family in 2017. She started as a student and danced with the performing team for their Houston’s Got Bollywood Miller performance in 2017.

She is currently pursuing Industrial Design at the University of Houston and works part time at a research lab at the University of Texas’ Public Health School.  Her goal is to help design prosthetics that will aid anyone with a disability to dance. She hopes to open a studio that will create a welcome environment for these individuals and focus on teaching them the joy of dancing.