Mahesh Mahbubani

Artistic Director/Founder

Mahesh Mahbubani the founder and Artistic Director of Naach Houston Inc, initiated the dance company in Bombay, India in 1999 since its inception the company has journeyed, to achieve international status finding its home in Houston, Texas.

Anil Rana


Honorary President & Founder

Anil Rana is an established Fashion Stylist/Choreographer/Boutique Owner, in Houston for the last 30 years.

Anil has been involved with Bollywood Stars such as Kareena Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor, styling their wardrobe for their shows in Houston, he has also hosted Star Shows with Star Promotions Inc. 

Bollywood has been a consistent theme in Anil's' work along with his Prom wear Collection showcased at his boutique - Envy Couture , on Harwin drive. Anil 's long standing association with Bollywood Dance professionally began in 2008 with Mahesh Mahbubani, where Anil set up Naach Houston Inc, led by Mahesh Mahbubani as Artistic Director.

Anita Vyas


Instructor/Choreographer/Web & Graphics Designer/Performing Artiste

2012 - Present

Karishma Mehta


Instructor/Choreographer/Costume Manager/Performing Artiste

2017- Present

Brinda Patel


Instructor /Choreographer/ Performing Artiste

2017 - Present

Aishwarya Ravat


Instructor /Choreographer/ Performing Artiste

2017 - Present

Disha Thadani


Instructor / Choreographer/Performing Artiste

2017 - Present

Kanishka Deepak


Assistant Instructor / Choreographer/Performing Artiste


Rithvik Edupuganti


Assistant Instructor / Choreographer/Performing Artiste